Pivot winger Antonio Hester (USA, 1990, 198 cm) joins ICG Força Lleida to strengthen the team for the new season. The American will occupy one of the two extra-community places in the group that will be led again by Gustavo Aranzana.

Hester is a pivot winger who, while moving primarily near the hoop, can also assist in outside play in the winger position. He stands out for his mobility, physical strength and intimidation despite not being a tall player. Trained at the universities of Miami Dade (2009-11), and then University of Mobile (2011-12), he had his first contact with FEB basketball in 2014, when he played for CB Tarragona in the LEB Plata. Last year he returned to the category for being a key piece in Girona’s project to be promoted to LEB Or. With Girona he averaged 13.4 points and 7.6 rebounds in 27 minutes of play per game. Throughout his career, Hester has also participated in leagues in countries such as Switzerland, Peru and Iceland.

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