Representing Athletes in every phase of their career

Contract Negotiations

Mickeal Sports Group is a full-service agency that handles all aspects of contract negotiations with professional organizations on behalf of our clients, We have always put our client’s interest first. The Services we provide to our clients is based on our personal first-hand experiences as professional athletes. We are with you during your pursuit as a professional basketball player. And will Provide Trustworthy Guidance every step of the way. The Team knows what it is like to sign your first agreement, tryout Agreement, European agreement, and Salary Arbitrations. With negotiation experience, diligent planning, and preparation we put our clients in a position to maximize their contract value.

WE Build a Dream Team Around You

Financial Services

To ensure our clients continue to enjoy the benefits of their professional athletic careers with have partnered with financial planners and accountants that will help design an individualized financial plan for each client based on their goals. A Complete picture of Managing and preserving your wealth. With an analysis of cash flow, expenses, bill payments, and saving and investment strategies. Getting you on your way to establish a financially secure future.

Tax Planning Assistance and Compliance

In order for a financial plan to work properly, tax planning must be done properly
to create a road map to success after a client’s sports career.
We want each client to feel confident that they are meeting all of their obligations to taxes regardless of where they may play. Ensuring that an understanding of cross-border tax laws is taken into consideration in the plan if a client plays overseas.

Other Services

Credit Services

Concierge Private Banking Services
Contract based financing and Contract advances that allow for financing based on clients’ agreement with a sports organization.
Vehicle Leasing and Acquisitions
Bill Payment services


Personal Risk Management Plan:
Disability insurance for in the unfortunate event a client becomes disabled or injured while playing their sport and is temporarily or permanently unable to play.
Life insurance if a client would like to leave a legacy of finance beyond their career earnings

Development of Training Programs

A Training program Designed to Prevent injury and enhance athletic performance
using Individualization Training programs are created based on clients’ needs.
After assessing the clients, Recovery Rate, training age Body type, Force analysis, and aerobic/anaerobic balance. A resistance training program is created as well as a stretching regiment to maintain and regain flexibility.

“At MSG We create specialized plans based on each player’s vision for where they would like to take their career. We believe we can maximize your potential and expose you to opportunities that produce long term relationships.”

Pete Mickeal, MSG CEO